Our Timeshare Cancellation Process

Ready to say “adiós” to that timeshare? We’ve streamlined the process to make your timeshare exit as simple as possible.

1. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ’s with additional information in more detail.
3. Schedule your free consultation with your personal Senior Analysts.
4. Review the information and make your decision. Feel free to contact your Senior Analysts with any additional questions.
5. Upload your documents into our cloud-based management system. This is available through an app on your iPhone or Android device, or our website.
6. Your Senior Analysts will begin work on your file.  While some files will require an attorney, there are others that may not.  There is more than one effective way to legally, safely and permanently be free of your timeshare obligation.
7. Receive regular updates throughout the process.
8. If there is a deed, we will work with the attorney to facilitate the transfer of that deed back to the timeshare developer.
9. Once your contract is canceled, you will receive a final exit letter, letting you know that you will have no further financial obligation to the timeshare company.