The Best Guarantee

Our “Skin in the game” Guarantee

We have the most solid guarantee in the industry.  The HelpMeExit “Skin in the game” guarantee.  For qualifying timeshare ownerships, Help Me Exit will get you completely out of your timeshare obligation legally, safely and permanently OR Help Me Exit will transfer your timeshare into our name.  Believe us, we DO NOT WANT YOUR TIMESHARE HEADACHE.  How is that for incentive to get your case completed?

Additionally, we know that providing transparency in our services is something we take great pride in. When you become our client, you will be assigned a dedicated case manager who will keep you updated throughout every step of the process. You will never be left wondering for weeks or months how and if your timeshare redemption process is progressing.

Payment For Our Services:

Here at Help Me Exit we only accept payment from our clients AFTER our transfer agreement has been reviewed, signed and filed by both parties.
Never allow any company to charge you money prior to you having a written and endorsed agreement in your possession that you clearly understand and you can verify their verbal promises are in writing.