We Can Help You Exit Your Timeshare


Your exit strategy is our expertise.  It is what we do.
Simply put, we are your timeshare exit specialists. We are dedicated to helping you get rid of your timeshare safely, legally and permanently.  All at an affordable price. We are not anti-timeshare…we just hate that when you want out, there’s no easy way. Whether you were bamboozled or you simply need an exit strategy, we’re here to help!
Our company operates on an ultra-efficient business model to save you time and money. We contract with some of the top attorneys in the business and leverage technology to streamline everything. We truly are the affordable exit company.

Letter from the President

I would like to thank you for visiting our website. At this point, I’m guessing you’re frustrated, not only with your timeshare but with the myriad of options that all promise to help you cancel your timeshare contract.
At least 30-40% of the clients we talk to have already paid good money to a company that promised to either sell, donate or transfer their timeshares.
These companies promise to get you out of your timeshare, but all they get you out of is more of your hard-earned money.
I’ve personally been in the travel business for 25 years. I was the VP of Sales for one of the largest timeshare exit companies in the business. I knew I could offer the same service for a much more affordable price, so I’ve joined forces with Help Me Exit.
Together we have built the largest, most technologically advanced timeshare exit engine on the planet.
We are the affordable exit company!
Again, thank you for visiting our website.
Help Me Exit, INC.