Timeshare Termination Analysis

Analysis of Timeshare CXL Services:

Our process is revolutionary and differs from any of our competitors because of our unique and proprietary HelpMeExit system. We are the only company that can truly guarantee the successful transfer, cancellation, termination and liquidation of your debilitating timeshare liability.   This is sometimes done through our legal assignees and exclusive partnerships with large-scale Inventory Aggregates. The relationships we have formed with these companies over the years have allowed us to develop an unparalleled proprietary Help Me Exit program.


3 Simple Steps to Timeshare Freedom!
STEP #1:
You fill out our online contact form or call our office directly toll-free at 888-501-EXIT to schedule your FREE, No-Obligation Timeshare Consultation. We give you a free consultation from one of our Help Me Exit certified Senior Analysts, qualifying your property for our program. IF APPROVED for a 100% exit, you will then enroll in our service.  At this point you will be assigned a Dedicated Senior Analyst & Case Manager who will jointly work on your Timeshare cancellation process.  They will keep in close contact with you and coach you through every step of the way to Timeshare Freedom.
STEP #2:
Your Dedicated Advocacy Case Manager prepares and sends you a personalized Transfer Packet, with detailed instructions. You send back your completed Transfer Packet for processing by our Licensed, Bonded and Insured Title Office
STEP #3:
The title and transfer process is now underway.  Congratulations, you are practically there.  Once the transfer of your timeshare is complete, you will  receive a Congratulatory Phone Call from your Case Manager to inform you that you have officially achieved Timeshare Freedom! The final documentation is mailed to you and the headaches of timeshare ownership are now just a distant memory.