How We Legally Get You Out of Your Timeshare Contract

What is our commitment?

  • We are committed to the finish line.  You are assigned a certified Senior Analysts.  Your Senior Analyst will take all of the steps necessary to complete your resort cancellation in your favor. Your specialist will fight for cancellation until it is accepted by the resort. If for any reason we think that we can’t get you out, we will let you know before we ever proceed.  In these rare cases we can advise you on how to proceed without our services.

What do I as the client need to provide?

  • Your specialist will need you to sign our standard agreement, a copy of your deed, and a copy of your maintenance fee bill(s). Your specialist may provide (if needed) a Limited Power of Attorney so they can act on your behalf with the Resort and file all necessary paperwork on your behalf.

What are the costs and fees to cancel my resort?

  • THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES. The resort cancellation fee is a one-time fee to our company. Every situation is different, so there may be some filing/transfer fees which vary from resort to resort that you may be responsible for.  Having said that, all fees are upfront and disclosed before we ever get started.

What resorts are accepted?

  • We work with resorts based in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. Canadian and non-U.S. residents who have a timeshare resort located in the USA are eligible for the cancellation program. We also handle all timeshares located in foreign countries that are owned by U.S. residents. Most resorts are accepted, but we will need to check your resort and specific situation to verify that your file will be accepted.

What if I have more than one resort to cancel?

  • We can work with more than one resort. Special pricing is available for two or more cancellations paid for at the same time.

What if I have a mortgage?

  • Each case is different.  Your success depends on your specific experience with your timeshare ownership.  This is why a complete and thorough review of your file is necessary.
  •  Be very cautious of those that say they can get anyone out of any mortgage.  This is simply not true.

Timeshare Cancellation Program:

  • Our Company assigns a fully certified specialist to assist in getting you out of your resort membership forever.

  • Is a professional marketing and advertising corporation with multiple associations and or firms. You have chosen to use our company that specializes in resort membership/contract cancellation. By using us, you will be able to enjoy the services we provide through our many contracted firms, accountants, real estate brokers and a wide variety of resort industry professionals.

Welcome Package to Client:

  • A welcome letter is sent to you, the client, with the contact numbers of the customer service department and the assigned specialist that will be assisting with your file.

Document Search:

  • The client sends all requested documents to customer service for handling. The specialist uses documents to prepare your individualized file.

Document Preparation:

  • We Professionally draft the documents necessary to transfer or cancel ownership.

Specialists Action:

  • If warranted, a specialist assists in the preparation of all documents on your behalf and sends the demand letter to resort for cancellation.

Resort Acceptance:

  • The resort receives the demand letter for your Resort Contract Cancellation.

Client Notification:

  • The client is notified in writing approximately every 45 days until all Resort Notifications are completed.

We hope to be sending you as fast as possible a notification that states:

Congratulations, you are officially free of all of your timeshare obligations.  You are now free of over $xx,xxx.oo of future timeshare debt as you are no longer obligated to pay future maintenance fees. In fact you can no longer be assessed any type of fee from your timeshare developer as you are free and clear of any and all legal obligation regarding your timeshare ownership. 

The transfer and title department will be sending you verification of your new found liberation from XYZ resort.    

Please keep a look out for this and other documentation in accordance with your particular county of record that your deed has been transferred.  It is our sincere pleasure to have served you.  


The whole team at